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You Have To See These Toddlers Argue Over Who Passed Gas (Freak Files)

Two Toddlers Argue Over Who Passed Gas Someone in North Carolina posted a video of their two daughters sitting in their car seats, one looks like she's about three, and the other looks about two. They’re in a SERIOUS argument over which one of them passed gas. They keep blaming each other. Then the...
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Stupid Criminal Gets Busted Because He Stopped For Lunch

Bank Robbery Suspect Caught Eating Lunch Your appetite can get you into trouble if you're not careful. Police in Reno, Nevada responded to a robbery of a Nevada State Bank location last week after a man showed a weapon and ordered the bank teller to give him money. He allegedly left the bank with...
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Writing SOS In The Sand Actually WORKS!

Real-Life Survivors A senior citizen in Germany is lucky to be alive after exiting a parking garage the quick way. The unidentified 80-year-old woman was pulling out of her space in the multi-level structure when she shot forward and broke through a concrete barrier. Her vehicle catapulted from the...
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