Bill Paxton

Katy Perry Wants You To Be Her Next Best Friend

Katy Perry Is Ticked-Off Because Nobody Told Her She Had Food In Her Teeth Katy Perry is looking for some new friends after nobody told her that she had food in her teeth before walking the red carpet at an awards show on Sunday night. Katy says she was humiliated when she saw the pictures of the...
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Major Screw-Up At The Oscars!

Major Screw-up During the Oscars! The "Oscars" were an agonizing three hours and 45 minutes long, but at about the three hour and 42 minute mark, a big ball of confusion blew up in front of the cameras! It was when WARREN BEATTY and FAYE DUNAWAY announced the winner for Best Picture, the WRONG...
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Bill Paxton's Cause of Death Has Been Revealed

We now know the cause of death for actor Bill Paxton. The 61-year-old film and television star died of a stroke triggered by valve replacement surgery, according to documents obtained by TMZ.The surgery took place to repair an aortic aneurysm on February 14, according to TMZ's reporting. Paxton...
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