Miley Cyrus

Trouble in Paradise for Miley and Liam

Is Miley Cyrus Still Texting Patrick Schwarzenegger? There's been all this talk of LIAM HEMSWORTH and MILEY CYRUS getting married, but the relationship supposedly hit a snag recently, when Liam found texts from PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER on Miley's phone. Miley and Patrick dated after she and Liam...
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Ryan Lochte Chaos on Dancing with the Stars

Ryan Lochte Got Rushed by Protesters on "Dancing with the Stars" Anyone who tuned in to "Dancing with the Stars" last night to see RYAN LOCHTE's debut got their money's worth because there was CHAOS. As Ryan and his partner CHERYL BURKE were being judged after their dance, two PROTESTERS rushed the...
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Lyin Lochte

Ryan Lochte Picks Up Another Sponsor

Ryan Lochte Gets another Sponsor Did you realize that America was this forgiving? RYAN LOCHTE now has two sponsors willing to fork over money for testimonials from the Olympian. As you probably know, Lochte lost a number of sponsors after his story about being robbed in Rio de Janiero was proved to...
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