Cute Alert: Dog Friendly Weddings Are a New Trend?

If you're getting married and you're passionate about your pup, you may want to include them in your wedding ceremony. Of course, not all dogs would make good wedding guests or party members. Some pups, of course, are perfect for that job. This adorable pup from England went viral after he appeared...
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High Blood Pressuer? Get A Dog!

If you own a dog or cat, then you already know this. Millions of Americans pet owners already know that their love for their pet has probably given their health a boost --now science has confirmed it. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, pet owners get measurable physical boosts,...
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Survey: Puppies Make You More Attractive, Cats Make You Less Attractive

Cat lovers are going to hate this study. A new survey says that having a dog is sexier than having a cat. Petsies showed 1,000 respondents pictures of people that they were attracted to with and without dogs and cats . They were trying to figure out which looked more attractive. Petsies creates...
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