Tim Allen

Patricia Richardson credits chemistry with Tim Allen for 'Home Improvement' role

Patricia Richardson revealed how she ended up in the role of Tim Allen’s on-screen wife in the hit sitcom “Home Improvement.” See the details.
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Highest-Paid TV Actors of All Time - (Hint) Jerry Seinfeld Is NOT #1

The top 3 trending stories...with Mike and Mandy's Dirt Alert! Highest-Paid TV Actors of All Time The "Big Bang Theory" cast is making BIG money, so, E! News was inspired to put together 'The Highest-Paid TV Casts of All Time.' It doesn't really cover WHOLE casts, it's basically just a rundown of...
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Tom Brady's New Haircut Is the Butt of Jokes

The Internet is Having a Field Day with Tom Brady's New Haircut There are only three people who can make actual, legit news by changing their hairstyle: Jennifer Aniston , Justin Bieber , and TOM BRADY . Tom gave a press conference yesterday and just about everybody was mesmerized by his new coif...
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