Five Amazing Duets Featuring Train’s Pat Monahan

Train has been releasing hit song after hit song for more than twenty years. The band’s lead singer, Pat Monahan, is an incredibly talented musician. He’s also a super popular partner for collaborations with other famous artists. Monahan has joined stars like Taylor Swift, Adam Levine and even Adam...
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We Have Reached A New Level Of Shelfishness -- Check Out What This Guy Did!

Passenger Hits Train's Emergency Break Because He Dropped His Phone Eric Jones of New York was riding on a train to Jersey when he accidentally dropped his phone onto the tracks while he was moving between cars. Now, normal people would be upset, but they wouldn’t do what Eric did: He pulled the...
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An Armed Robber Steals a Guy's Dentures at Walmart

An Armed Robber Steals a Guy's Dentures at Walmart I guess this robber was determined to get SOMETHING for his time and effort. A man was getting out of his car in a Walmart parking lot in Orangeburg, South Carolina last week when a guy walked up, pulled out a semi-automatic pistol, and demanded...
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