Cute Alert: Dog Friendly Weddings Are a New Trend?

If you're getting married and you're passionate about your pup, you may want to include them in your wedding ceremony. Of course, not all dogs would make good wedding guests or party members. Some pups, of course, are perfect for that job. This adorable pup from England went viral after he appeared...
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Online Shoppers Are Buying Crocs Like Crazy!

Guys, we’re going through some kind of weird epidemic right now! According to a resale website named thredUP , used Crocs are super hot item right now. In fact, they say that Crocs sell 58% quicker than any other product on their site. So why are tons of people are all of a sudden wanting a pair of...
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Which Baby Names Are in Danger of Becoming Extinct in 2017?

Every three months or so there's a new story out about baby names and trends. They usually cover what the hot new baby names are at that moment. Baby names, of course, have been impacted by pop culture and other trending things each year. All of these new names mean that some more traditional first...
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